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A selection of participatory procedures will be employed in the different phases of the project in order to engage relevant players in discussion, to enhance awareness and to favour a change in the attitudes toward science. The project will be implemented through 6 steps of activities. Each phase will provide results -  useful per se - to be also the basis for the next step in activities which are:

OST in Italy

1) 8 FOCUS GROUPS one in each partner's country, to fully understand what factors influence young people's interest and choices in to S&T. The focus groups are to involve school students, teachers and parents and will be carried out by June 2007.

2) 10 IN-DEPHT INTERVIEWS to be carried out in each country with scientists, academics and people working in science and technology-oriented industries, in order to grasp the meaning of their experience in the scientific and technological field (history, studies, employment and carrier) and their opinion on the gender difference in science carriers. The first five in-depth interviews will be carried out over the first half of 2007, the second set over the second half of 2007.

3) participatory workshops employing OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY with the objective of putting forward concrete proposals of pilots activities; OSTs will be carried out in November 2007.

OST in Netherlands

4) the arrangement and analysis of specific “PILOT ACTIVITIES" with the objective of presenting S&T careers more attractively in school and within society.

5) the implementation of an EVALUATION PROCESS through the analysis of the results first achieved in the activities and then finalised in a report including the main highlights in the findings on gender-based differences and clear statements on future actions.

6) a FINAL CONFERENCE event, with the participation of institutional stakeholders at European level, to disseminate the results. The Final Conference is to be held in November 2008 in Brussels.

An handbook has been produced to illustrate some successful practices implemented in the project to bring young people, especially girls, closer to science careers.

 The sections below describe the activities in detail
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