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IDIS - Fondazione Idis Città della scienza


Fondazione IDIS is a non-profit making organization which operates in Naples since 1987 and plays a leading role in the dissemination of scientific knowledge and technological innovation. It is the organization which is the promoter and accomplisher of the City of Science in Naples , a 70.000 sqm integrated structure including a science centre, a business innovation centre, a training centre and a congress centre.

The Science Centre is an interactive “museum” of the new generation whose main objective is to offer in general public – in particular young people – opportunities to encounter and interact with science and technology. It occupies a surface area of 12.000 sqm offering the public an exciting interactive voyage through the world of science and technology in the light of original interpretative approaches, experiences and references to art and contemporary culture.

IDIS is engaged in different EU project of the S&S programme as partners (PENCIL, ECD, CIPAST, DECIDE) an it leads NanoDialogue project, a project funded under the NMP thematic programme for the communication project on social, ethical and legal aspects of N&N.

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