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RBINS - Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Founded in 1846, RBINS is a Belgian Federal Institute. With around 400 staff members among which 165 scientists, engineers and technicians, RBINS houses a varied and exceptionally rich zoological collection, completed by prehistoric items and a mineral collection plus many databases (geology, marine ecosystems, birds, etc.) For physical specimens the grand total is about 36.000.000 specimens or items. This ranks the Institute at the third position in Europe behind London and Paris Natural History Museums.

As leading Natural History Museum, RBINS is a typical museum focused on natural sciences (life and earth sciences) aiming at encouraging the sensitisation and education of the general public on the conservation and the durable use of the nature. The museum section represents the most significant “science museum” of the country with invaluable collections made accessible to the public 6 days a week. In addition to the permanent galleries, with notably the collection of the famous Bernissart Iguanodons, the Museum proposes also temporary exhibitions on various scientific topics, generally related to natural sciences, the environment, man or biodiversity. RBINS has received, on average for the past 10 years, 300 000 visitors per year, notably school groups and groups for guided tours. It hosts the Belgian network for Women in Science, BeWiSe.

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