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Warsaw Univ - University of Warsaw - Youth Research Centre

The Youth Research Centre (OBM) in the Institute of Applied Social Sciences of Warsaw University was founded in July 1991. OBM is first of all a scientific and research team; our presence in science demands constant bringing the knowledge of youth up to date, as well as releasing regular publications; OBM does not work for any political party, instead it is open to the needs of public administration, territorial autonomies, non-governmental organizations, schools, parents and other youth educators,
but first of all - to the needs and initiatives of young generation of
Poles; OBM also conducts research and expertise in cooperation with other national and international institutions. Until the year 2004 OBM has cooperated with, among others: Ministry of National Education and Sport, Ministry of Economy and Labour, The State Agency for Prevention of Alcohol Related Problems, Polish Television, Polish Radio, The Polish Youth Council,
Gutenberg University Mainz, The National Institute for Youth & Community Education (INJEP), Harvard University, UNESCO, PHARE, YOUTH programme, Social Dialogue Programme, German-Polish Youth Office (Jugendwerk).